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We are a full-service professional business intermediary firm specializing in all aspects of the confidential sale, merger, acquisition and valuation of privately held mid-market companies. Our primary focus is handling the sale of entrepreneurial and family held companies.

Our function is to act as a “marriage counselor.” We have in-depth knowledge of who is buying, who is selling, what the valuation might be, what to avoid, what to look for and counseling on deal structuring. We talk to you to determine your goals, both strategic and tactical and then, using our knowledge of the industry, do all the work necessary to bring you a deal that best fits and optimizes your return.

While merger and acquisition activity can be a very effective way to achieve your goals, it can also be a very distracting drain on you and your time. Remember, most such activity does not result in the completion of a deal. There are a lot of “deal explorers” and “low ballers” out there. Thus, it is all-important for you to focus on what you do best and avoid being distracted from keeping your existing business as healthy as possible while going through the deal making process. You continue to run your business while we do all the work to screen the deals and help separate the real potential from the tire kickers and charlatans.

Although success at deal making isn't easy, many great companies were built on deals, and many deals are clear winners. In fact, research has proven that companies with a strong history of deal making earn higher shareholder returns than those that do few deals or none at all. Think of GE, Cisco, and Johnson & Johnson, just to name a few. All of those companies have flourished through smart deal making.

We are highly motivated to help you navigate around any pitfalls, which could kill an otherwise attractive deal.