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We take a holistic long-term approach to corporate finance, rather than regarding it as a collection of disparate elements and extraordinary events. Our engagements are based on an on-going relationship with our clients, providing a tailored, innovative approach to problem-solving, with active participation of client top-management in the project team. In this way we can provide our core service finding ways to structurally create lasting, sustainable value for our clients.

We approach each client situation from the perspective of the CEO and the Board of Directors, dealing with a range of issues significantly broader than that of many financial advisors. On any engagement, our involvement may for example include developing a long-term corporate transformation strategy; providing execution support for a merger, acquisition or spin-off; and assisting in the linkage to Post-Merger Management to ensure the capture of maximum value from the transaction. We can thus combine strategic, financial and organizational capabilities into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.