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Bridging Loan – Term Loan
Working Capital solution specially designed to give your business maximum flexibility and easy access to funds. Bridging Loan ensures that local enterprises meet their working capital needs by providing financing to all enterprises regardless of size and sector, so enterprises can now have access to financing for expansion and to capitalize on business opportunities. (SPRING Singapore) is offering to companies registered and incorporated in Singapore and has at least 30% local equity. Foreign SMEs may be considered subject to SPRING’s approval.

Tenure Up to 4 years
Interest Rate is at 5.00%
Loan Quantum Up to S$5 million

If your company meets the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a Bridging Loan to:
Establish a viable business
Modernize and automate plant and machinery
Expand existing production capacity
Develop new product lines
Renovate existing or new business premises
Augment working capital needs

This is a collateral-free facility that dispenses funds upfront to meet your immediate needs.
No Asset Pledged is required.

 Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS)