Once your organisation structures are in place, i.e., international incorporations, nominee directors/shareholders, international tax advisory, global offices and banking facilities, you will have to manage it in order to reach the goals you set. You can take charge of all the aspects of your organisation (trade export LC, accounting, taxation, administration and day-to-day compliance management, bank facilities & shipping operations), or entrust part of the complex business units to our respective field of professionals.

We bring together professionals from different areas, all of them reputed for their excellent work. Therefore, whether it is to manage daily operations, to ensure that the accounting is up to date and in keeping with generally accepted accounting principles, to administer the company well on all levels or to advise shareholders on the best paths to follow to minimize operational, administrative and tax expenses, we can provide you with all the resources necessary to help you reach your goals.

Various services can be provided on an ongoing basis for each structure including the provision of committed employees, office space, furniture and utilities as well as telephone and facsimile lines, global addresses, e-mail and website facilities.

Former bankers can be appointed from within Asia Sovereign or externally, to be nominee directors (CFO) to structure a capitalisation strategy We have access to Major Banks and Private Equity Groups, and with our many years of experience in credit criteria of most major banks we are able to add value to your financial standing prior to the submission of your credit proposal, to give your organisation the best chance of obtaining credit approval. Asia Sovereign will create a professional prospectus to increase your probability of obtaining the best value facilities and decrease your cost of debt via Corporate Finance, Syndicated Loans, IPO or Mezzanine Capital.

Our network of jurisdictional professionals ensure the client that the entities established and administrated by Asia Sovereign remain compliant with tax laws, filing requirements, government regulations and in good standing under the laws of the country of establishment.

The various services/structures listed may be used either alone or in tandem to create a solution for the client.