SHELF LISTS Jurisdictions

Benefits of a Shelf Company

Business and Banking relationships are more easily established with an older previously registered company, rather than with a newly formed brand new company. Clients and business associates will be more confident in dealing with you the longer your company is established.

Government Agencies, Distributors and manufacturers often require a company to have been in business for a certain period of time and the age of a company is very often a major factor in corporate banking relationships, business contracts and a important criteria in the awarding of large Government Projects or Tenders for the supplying of goods and services.

Provides established longevity and operating history so as to improve and enhance your Corporate image - the older the better Building corporate credit is easier with age. Most large companies will just refuse to give trading credit to newly formed companies

Other big companies will only do business with an older company rather than with a brand new company. There are certain companies who will only do business with old companies which have existed for at least 12 months or more.

Obtaining Bank Loans and other Credit Facilities is easier when you can show you have history, the age is what matters most. Establishing credit with banks, investors & leasing companies (most lenders require a minimum of 2 and usually 3 years history in order to establish corporate credit history)

Buying a Shelf Company
Shelf companies are DORMANT inactive companies that were incorporated / registered in the previous years but were never ever active.

These companies have never ever traded or done any business transaction - but were registered earlier and are still dormant, inactive companies. These companies are "clean", that is to say, they have never ever traded nor engaged in any business transaction whatsoever.

These shelf companies are totally clean - meaning free from defects, liens, judgements, or any other liabilities etc. Our shelf companies are guaranteed to be clear of any business debts or liabilities.

Shelf lists are constantly changing as the shelf companies are sold, hence we strongly recommend that you select several names at one go as we are unable to guarantee availability.

We provide shelf companies for the following jurisdictions:
Cayman Islands
Hong Kong