APPLICATIONS Trade | Acquisition | Project

Law firms advising their clients with regard to: cash collateral guarantees for future obligations and settlements arising from acquisitions, mitigating risks arising from environmental obligations, guarantees for the settlement of disputes, registering and settlement of carbon emission rights.

Civil law notaries seeking a professional settlement agent for: executing and confirming cross border payments resulting from the acquisition of a company or real estate, the execution of the settlement protocol for construction projects.

Accountants advising their clients with regard to: international trade and settlement, the settlement of future obligations arising from cross border transactions, the requirement for a trusted third party for the guarantee and settlement of future obligations.

B2B traders
Companies supplying equipment, cranes, heavy duty vehicles, drilling equipment, trains, but also companies trading in commodities such as steel, gas, energy, foodstuffs, etc.

Project managers

Contractors and their clients to provide security that the contractor performance is in accordance with the contract and the contractor is paid when reaching the agreed milestones.
Government agencies which require correct distribution of payments.
Subcontractors working on projects overseas are paid through escrow arrangements.
The beneficiaries of real estate projects who require cash flow distribution.

Private persons
When acquiring luxury products such as yachts, works of art, licences.